Themed Parties- Harry Potter

Themed Parties are fun ways to celebrate, especially for kids.  This Harry Potter theme party consists of two easy desserts.

Cupcakes: Make a simple cupcake, the appeal here is presentation.  The green base is icing died green.  The details of the signature Harry Potter items are made using a thick icing called fondant. Fondant is like edible play dough.  It is malleable allowing you to shape it into virtually anything.  Making it is a lengthy process so I suggest going to a craft store such as Michaels and purchasing a small container. It is affordable and with coupons you can get it really cheap.  I also used edible gold glitter to highlight the snitch.

harry potter 2

Pretzels:  Pretzel rods were connected to the bottom of a reece’s cup by using melted chocolate.

Cupcake Wizard Hats:  Again, use a basic cupcake recipe.  Place a sugar cone on top of the iced cupcake.  Then use chocolate icing to cover the sides of the cone and add yellow icing to create Harry’s signature scar.

harry potter

Inspiration from Pinterest: Food Dessert Cupcakes


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